4th Baengpun Camp held at THNIC Academy in Tak

on April 20, 2023        by Naritcha

This year, the Baengpun Camp activity received a lot of interest. High school students from schools in Tak province applied to participate, with a total of 10 teams and 38 participants. However, only seven teams, consisting of 26 individuals, passed the selection process and completed the entire training course:

  1. BanTak Pracha Witthayakarn School: 4 participants
  2. BanTak Pracha Witthayakarn School: 4 participants
  3. Wangchao Wittayakom School School: 4 participants
  4. Phobphra Wittayakom School: 4 participants
  5. Phobphra Wittayakom School: 3 participants
  6. Tessaban 1 Kittikachorn School + Takpittayakhom School: 4 participants
  7. Phadungpanya School: 3 participants

On March 26, 2023, the 4th Baengpun Camp commenced with an online camp activity. The camp was introduced by Mr. Parkpoom Tripatana, THNIC Academy director, who provided an overview of the camp. Additionally, Ms. Siranatcha Wutthipraphanphong, of T.H.NIC Co., Ltd. presented a guide on “Content Preparation and Content Production for website”.

As part of the training, there was a session on “Ethics in Website Development” conducted by Mr. Siribhat Glamglin from the Thai Webmaster and Online Media Association. This session aimed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge before they attended the actual camp the following week.

On April 3, 2023, the participants attended a training on “Media Production”, taught by Mr. Sitthiphon Prajan of the THNIC Foundation and “Domain & Hosting”, instructed by Mr. Jirasak Jullawat of T.H.NIC Co., Ltd.

On April 4, 2023, there was a workshop on the topic “Creating Websites with WordPress,” conducted by Mr. Chamikorn Phiwla-oung of the Thai Webmaster and Online Media Association.

On April 5, 2566, there were two workshops. The first covered the topic of “Web Design,” taught by Mr. Thaniya Wongsuanoom of T.H.NIC Co., Ltd., and  the second focused on “Universal Acceptance in Website Development,” taught by Mr. Chamikorn Phiwla-oung of the Thai Webmaster and Online Media Association.

On April 6, 2023, there was an online training session on the topic, “Web Marketing & SEO”, conducted by Ms. Maytapriya Kumnuanwoot of the Thai Webmaster and Online Media Association.

Afterwards, a ‘Hackathon – Website Development Competition’ was conducted. For this year’s challenge, participants were tasked with creating a platform website for showcasing a ‘Portfolio’, a website to display their work and introduce themselves with a collection of their achievements, for applying to university.

On the morning of April 7, 2023, the participants engaged in a continuous Hackathon until 12:00 pm. In the afternoon, they presented their work. Subsequently, the judging committee evaluated the projects, and the winning teams were announced as follows:

Award-winning team:

The 1st prize
Scholarship of 5,000 Baht

NtBk Team
Phobphra Wittayakom School

The 2nd prize
Scholarship of 3,000 Baht

T1 Launcher Team
Takpittayakhom School

+ Tessaban 1 Kittikachorn School

The 3rd prize
Scholarship of 2,000 Baht

KiDs³ Team
BanTak Pracha Witthayakarn School

In addition, all seven teams participating in the camp received a special award for creating websites that support Thai language emails and were awarded a scholarship of 3,000 Baht each.

During the closing ceremony of the event, Dr. Pensri Arunwatanamongkol, executive director of the THNIC Foundation, presented certificates to the participants. Moreover, she delivered a speech, congratulating the participants for the successful completion of the 4th Baengpun Camp.


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